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Best Friends Animal Society

OK – so I’m not a great traveler. For me, getting on a plane is like jumping off a cliff into a rattlesnake pit. Plus, I adore my comfy bed, my lovely home in the woods, and most of all…my critters.

BUT…if I were to pack a suitcase and head out of town I would very likely point myself toward Kanab, Utah, and the home of the nation’s largest animal sanctuary, operated by the Best Friends Animal Society. Over the years many people have told me about the special wonder of this peaceful place, but no one has sung its praises more than Fran Baumgartner.

Fran and I have never actually met (that would require traveling) but we have shared many an email about animals, books and her passion for hitting the open road on a motorcycle…with her husband…and her dog. I’m not sure how that works but Fran promises to explain that to me.

The sanctuary offers monthly blessings for the animals, an event that Fran (who lives in Arizona) attends when she can. She took many pictures during her recent visit to the sanctuary, and then graciously emailed them to me.

What a treat! It was almost like being there. The sanctuary is nestled in the red rock landscape of Angel Canyon. There are simply no words for the natural beauty of this magnificent place – it is breathtaking. The views from the cottages are very inspiring, and the curved gate to Angels Rest is exquisite. It truly lives up to everything I have heard about it.

One day I hope to visit Best Friends. Until then, I feel I am already there…in spirit…thanks to Fran.


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