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UFOs – Real or Not?

The other day I watched a TV show about UFO encounters – could they be real? I would find it sad to think that we HAVEN’T been visited by beings from other worlds. All those planets in all those solar systems – SOMEONE must have found us interesting enough to stop by and say hi.

On the show they talked about resonant frequencies, saying all matter vibrated at a certain frequency and suggesting that similar frequencies attracted each other. This came up in a story about a possible spacecraft that used this principle to travel at great speed and distance in a tiny bit of time.

OK – as soon as someone mentions time travel, parallel universes and alternate realities I get really excited! I don’t have to understand all the details to know in my heart theses ideas are based on truth. As a child, all my science projects were about space. If I had been able to sit through my science classes without daydreaming perhaps I would have entered a scientific field, instead of becoming a writer.

While I haven’t addressed the possibility of UFOs in my books, I DO write about UFDs – Unidentified Flying Dogs!

What about you – do YOU believe in UFOs – or UFDs?


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