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Dogs Deserve better

You may not be familiar with the organization Dogs Deserve Better. This group of dedicated individuals is committed to freeing dogs who spend their entire lives on chains, and bringing them inside the home where they can be loved and respected members of the family.

Why did DDB Founder Tammy Grimes feel called to intervene on behalf of dogs who live their lives on chains? As Tammy says:

“Because they are the forgotten cause. Their abuse is much more subtle, no less insidious. They may not be in immediate danger of death. But death of the soul is still death to me. And they are dying out there, piece by piece, hour by hour.”

Most of the dog lovers I know have experienced the heartache of driving by a dog who is ALWAYS chained in the yard. It may be 10 degrees or 100 degrees, raining, snowing or sunny, but the dog is always out. If there is a water bowl you KNOW that water is hardly ever changed. As one man told me, when I spoke to him about the frozen water in his chained dog’s bowl, “He was able to drink UNTIL the water froze!”

How do you respond to this kind of stupidity?

There is a family in my neighborhood who keeps their dog chained in the yard. It is hard to understand why these people continue to bring dogs home, because they appear to have no interest in their dog’s well-being. This dog got out of his mud pit the other day, dragging his chain behind him. He became entangled on a bush in someone’s yard, forcing the property owner to call the authorities. He had no choice – the dog could not be approached.

There is a sound you never want to hear. It is the agonizing sound of a dog screaming, because he has just been tased by a stun gun. I heard that sound the other day. It kept me up for several nights. I will NEVER forget that sound. It was not the dog’s fault. I knew it. The officer who shot him knew it. The neighbors knew it. Everyone knew it – except the man who keeps this poor dog chained in his yard.

Learn about the laws in your community pertaining to animal abuse. If you know a dog is being neglected or is in pain, contact the authorities. Our county Shelter Director told me all they can do is enforce the laws…and the laws are weak. She told me if I don’t like the laws then I should contact my legislators and find out what can be done to change them. She’s right.

It’s a long process – I know that. But if WE don’t stand up for these suffering animals…if WE don’t speak up on their behalf…then WHO WILL???

To learn more about Dogs Deserve Better please visit them online at www.dogsdeservebetter.org.

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