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A very sweet person did something special for me. Just a little kindness, but it really touched me. I’ve gotten used to doing everything by myself….I forget there are people out there who like to help when they can.

I was thinking about what this person did as I hauled a bunch of packages out of the back of my car the other day. I had brought them to a shipping center to be mailed. I knew I had this big sappy grin on my face…kindness always makes me happy. I turned around and bumped into a person who was standing there, wanting to help with my packages.

The next stop was a place to buy some steel shelving units. It IS, after all, that organizing time of the year. With a lot of moaning and groaning I was able to get these heavy boxes into my shopping cart. However, getting them OUT of the cart and INTO my car was another story. They were wedged in too tight. I knew I’d have to wheel the whole thing back to the store and ask for help. Before I could start back a man had jumped out of his car and took care of getting those boxes loaded into my car.

I have always believed that doing good things will come back to a person many times over. But I think being grateful also attracts this type of love and support from others.

It’s time to go through all my boxes and bags, so I can decide what should be thrown out and what should be kept and neatly put up on my new shelves. Whiling I’m doing this, I plan to make a lot more space… for gratitude.


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