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Books for Animal Lovers of All Ages – OR ARE THEY?

I had an interesting experience the other day. A well known columnist and radio host wanted to interview me about my new book, The Shelter Dog. I was looking forward to talking about the challenges shelter animals, especially older ones, face when it comes to finding a forever home.

I was well-prepared for the interview, but sadly it didn’t go very far. The interviewer began by telling me my books were for children – young children – while I know them to be for that child-like part that resides in each of us, regardless of age. After that the energy for the interview just seemed to disappear, and it was soon over.

My first book, For Every Dog An Angel, was written in 1995 – with heavenly intervention! It may have been divinely inspired, but the words still came through me – from that innocent part, deep down inside, that believes dogs DO fly through the stars, and cats DO float by in whipped cream clouds.

Over the past 10 years I have spoken with many animal lovers who see the world like I do. These are the people who have been touched by my words and illustrations, who buy my new books unseen because they believe they’ll be uplifted and inspired… transported to another place and time where miracles REALLY CAN HAPPEN.

I write my books because the words come spilling out of my heart, the illustrations dance in my dreams, and one way or another they MUST be put down onto paper.

To all the people who’ve taken the time to let me know they enjoyed one of my books…a heartfelt thank you! I will look for you in future books, swirling among the words and flying through the star-filled illustrations, grateful for the chance to see the world…if only for a few moments…through the innocent eyes of a child.


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posted on February 6, 2008 Reply

This is such a beautiful book and it has helped us out a lot. We just lost two of our little family members and your book brought smiles to our faces. My mother bought a couple of your books to own at our house and gave a copy to our local vet so that they can share it with other customers. Is there any way i can purchase a book from you signed so I can give it to her for her birthday coming up. I thank you for all you have written and showing such compassion for animals.
-Dustin Anderson

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