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Remembering a Beloved Mother

Some of you may know that last year my mother lost her long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Even though I knew this journey was coming to an end, it didn’t make the loss any easier. There is just something heartbreaking about losing one’s mother.

Shortly after mom’s passing, I learned that Darlene Arden, journalist, lecturer and author of several books for dog lovers, had also lost her mom. In honor of her mother, and their shared love for dogs, Darlene worked with the Canine Health Foundation to create the Marcia Polimer Abrams Fund for Canine Behavior Studies.

As a certified animal behavior consultant, Darlene has focused her writing on helping people identify and eliminate unwanted behaviors in their animal companions. She knows her mom would approve of the fund that was created in her name.

“She was the most loving, giving, caring person I’ve ever met,” Darlene said, seen here in this picture with her mother.

I know her mom is smiling, and is sending motherly love and comfort down from the heavens. If there is a beauty salon up there in the starry skies, perhaps our moms have met and are sitting under celestial hair dryers, sharing stories of their daughters. I hope so….

You can learn more about Darlene Arden’s work and the special fund she has created for her mother by visiting her website http://www.darlenearden.com/.


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posted on February 24, 2008 Reply

Hi Chris,
This is a lovely tribute to two very special mothers. I too share your loss, as my mother succumbed to Alzeimer’s Disease after a 15 year battle. Even though it has been over 18 years now, I STILL miss her. And yes, certain words, places and things bring many memories flooding back.

As a close friend of Darlene Arden, I also thank you for sharing about the Marcia Polimer Abrams Fund for Canine Behavior Studies that she started in honor of her mother. Behavior issues and how to effectively deal with them are a much needed area of study.

Bless you,
Sue Janson

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