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Two Special Angels

Over the years, visitors to my website have told me how much they enjoy reading the “story behind the story” for each of my books. I can understand that. When I’m moved by a book, or movie, or piece of music, I like to dig a little deeper and see if the artist or creator will share what it was that inspired them.

A large part of the pleasure I’ve had in creating the Lighthearted Press website has been working with my fabulous website designer, Ken Klages http://www.klageswebdesign.com. That he is skilled and supportive goes without saying. What you probably don’t know is that Ken and his wife, Kathy, run an animal rescue organization in California called Small Dog Rescue http://www.smalldogrescue.org.

Kathy and Ken visit shelters in California and Mexico, bringing home dogs that have not been claimed or adopted. Their small group of dedicated volunteers works to find good homes for each of the loving little critters who have found their way to these wonderful people.

My new book, The Shelter Dog, is dedicated to all the wonderful animals waiting in shelters for their forever families to find them. It is also dedicated to the special people who are devoted to helping animals in need. They are truly angels…just like Ken and Kathy.



Myra Vaughan
posted on December 26, 2018 Reply

I adopted my little Abby 2 and half years ago she was my heart and I loved her so much and the day after Thanksgiving 2018 her gallbladder ruptured and I lost her my heart is so empty I am looking for another love that needs me I am looking for a small female adult so we can help each other. I would show her what real LOVE is I could not get on the sit with adoptable dogs. I live in Chico CA and have not found anything

Lighthearted Press ( C. Davis )
posted on October 19, 2019 Reply

Oh, what a heartbreaking story, Myra. There are so many wonderful critters out there, waiting for someone to bring them home and love them. I hope one has found you and the empty place in your heart has been filled with fur and joy!

Much love,

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