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Has it really been a year?

The photos are all around me…on my desk, on the piano, on the wall in my home, on my computer…everyone I look I still see Jake’s beautiful, smiling face.

Has it really been a year since I had to say goodbye to this magnificent creature? That’s what the calendar says, but in my heart it feels like we just parted ways yesterday, so he could continue his journey through the stars.

This past week I’ve had several dreams about a pack of dogs who have carved out a stone cave – like wolves in a den – only it is attached to the back of my home. I see them through the window. There are dogs of all shapes and sizes. When I go out there, a black dog detaches himself from the pack and comes over to say hello. He (I know it is a HE) is very friendly and happy to see me.

Perhaps this is some heavenly place
, and the black dog is Jake. Or maybe that dog represents all the wonderful dogs I have shared my life with.

Or maybe…just maybe….this is some alternate reality where another “Chris” lives with her dogs, and they are showing themselves to me so I will know that my connection to DOG is still as strong as ever.

All I know is I was deeply comforted by those dreams.

Keep flying through those stars, dear Jake…but never forget you are welcome to visit anytime.


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Carol Vogel
posted on July 22, 2007 Reply

The black dog may be my darling boy Baxter. On August 7 it will be a year since he left me. I hope he is Running with the pack and having a wonderful time. I have not yet had him come to me in a dream but am hoping he will some day.

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