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Losing Jake

“And there will be times when your world will fall apart, when a beloved animal becomes lost, ill or has simply come to the end of their journey with you.”

I wrote those words on June 5, 2006, not knowing a week later they would describe my own world. On June 14th I lost my most beloved dog companion, Jake. Since then I have been walking that lonely path, expecting to see his face in the window when I come home and yet knowing he has left me to fly among the stars.

It is almost impossible to put into words how broken-hearted I am. I wonder if the sharp edges of my grief will ever soften into warm smiles as I remember all the magical times Jake and I shared. Many people who have loved…and lost…a furry friend will know exactly what I am talking about. I’ve always believed if you love someone very deeply, you will grieve them just as deeply when they are gone. The love Jake and I shared was pure and deep and strong.

Hardly a day goes by that I am not on the phone speaking with someone who has lost an animal companion. Losing Jake has brought back all the sadness and hopelessness one feels at this painful time. It occurred to me that sharing some of this journey in future posts might be both healing to me and, perhaps, comforting to others.

One thing I must do now is thank the many, many people who have offered comforting words during these past few weeks. Without their support the difficult days would have been even darker.

More soon…..

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