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Chris blue shirt photoChristine Davis is the author and illustrator of five uplifting and inspirational books for dog and cat lovers. Her award-winning titles for those who have lost an animal companion bring comfort to readers all over the world. Veterinarians use her books in their sympathy programs, giving them to clients who are struggling with their grief. The gentle words and whimsical artwork appeal to the child in each of us, which makes the books perfect for readers young and old.

In 2012, an extraordinary event led to the writing of the author’s newest title, Breathing Fire. What began as a book for others who, like Chris, had been abused as children became a map for anyone who is looking to move beyond walking through life with a bowed head and a broken spirit, no matter the cause. The book dovetails perfectly with her previous books for animal lovers, because both genres deal with loss, grieving and navigating the road from sorrow to joy. In both cases, the path to healing comes through sharing our stories.

Christine Davis lives in Portland, Oregon with her cat, Molly.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact the author via email or contact her at 1-877-385-6837.