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Animal Lovers Speak Out

For Every Dog An Angel is a beautifully written book by Christine Davis. I am so glad that my friend, Ellen Meade, told me about her website. Reading the book really helped me deal with the pain of losing my sweet little dog, Teddy, who left me way too soon. Chris, keep writing these beautiful and inspiring books.Love,
Lisa Bowman

“Thank you so much for For Every Dog An Angel. I read it this evening having recently lost Bailey, one of my two beloved forever dogs. It was very comforting and cathartic.Bailey was the friendliest dog in the world. He greeted everyone and everything with a smile and a wag of his tail. I adopted both of my forever dogs from the Kitsap Humane Society 10 1/2 years ago. Both were strays and were destined to come into my life to teach me how to live joyously and to love unconditionally. 

Thank you for your warm, healing work.”


Alan Miles

“I got the (Rainbow Bridge Forever) bracelet. I just wanted to let you know that I love it! I really, really love it! I knew I would just because of what it means, but it’s even prettier than I thought it would be! Thank you so much:)”


Michelle Afflitto

“I recently lost my cat Misti quite suddenly. Val (Heart) sent me a copy of your book For Every Cat An Angel after Misti died. I read it aloud with Rocki – Misti’s grandmother – purring on my lap. It is a beautiful book and Rocki and I both enjoyed it. Rocki is 17 this month and has been in poor health for many years. It is amazing to everyone that she is still alive, so I will not be surprised if Rocki joins Misti in spirit before long.I think everyone who loves animals – and of course loses them – needs to know about you and your books. Thanks again.”


Margaret Dexter, PhD.

“I have to take a minute to tell you what your book (For Every Cat) has meant to me. The World!! I went to Pet Passages in Palmer, Alaska to make arrangements for My Forever Cat, SimbaKitty! He is dying of Feline Leukemia and Kidney Failure. He is sixteen and I’ve had him since he was two months old. He was actually born the day I landed in Alaska for the first time.Seabeck, Washington

I saw your book at the crematory & purchased it. What a blessing!! It brought so much to my heart, and is helping me cope with the very soon to be inevitable. I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart & God Bless You for how unknowingly you have eased my pain! May everyone that has, is or will lose their beloved pet, somehow come in contact with your book!”


Marie Moseley Plummer

Rainey and Boo “By writing these incredibly comforting books, and sharing stories on your website, you help us to concentrate on the good memories and cherish the time we spent together on earth. You recognize our loss and truly understand how much we LOVE our babies and how hard it is to say goodbye.”Rainey Miller Rainey's Yorkies


“I must tell you that after I read the book my feelings for Shy were validated. You get how I feel about Shy. No one else has. They understand that it’s painful but they just don’t get how painful. I love the book! It is on top of Shylow’s ashes. He is my furever (as the Old English Sheepdog people spell it) dog. He is the one that was my soul mate. ”


Mindy Saltzman


Bennie“I recently received your book “For Every Dog An Angel” as a special gift to remember my beloved family pet Bennie that left us too soon.  As I opened the pages the first thing I read was your tribute to my beloved dog and it brought tears to my eyes, but as I turned the pages I cried even more, because someone else completely understands the special bond people can have with animals.

Your book brought me so much comfort in such a sad time and as I put together Bennie’s special memory box your book will be a part of it. Thank you for reminding me that someday I will be with her again, I needed to hear that.”


Tracy Van Treese



“Someone told me about your book For Every Dog An Angel shortly after our precious Rhett (a Westie) went to heaven, so I ordered it.

I refer to it from time to time and it is always such a comfort. It’s wonderful how your beautiful books continue to help so many people.”


Carol Harris


Delilah“I was thinking something kinda funny/cute…that your publisher name could be Heartlighted Press instead of Lighthearted Press! Because while the books are very deep and always make me cry, they light up my heart.


Delilah is my current ‘special dog’, she’s blind and I just got her off a chain in December. Can you imagine living your life on the end of a chain and not even being able to see? Now she is SO attached me to, I literally trip over her all day long. And at night she sleeps plastered up against my right side, every single night. What a sweet dog!”

Tammy Grimes

Dogs Deserve Better



Joyce Henson's cat“I was introduced to For Every Cat an Angel, when I lost my darling Balinese Priscilla on Thanksgiving 2004. I couldn’t laugh and I couldn’t smile. What I did was cry, and frequently. One day at work I received a package from one of my dearest friends. Inside was a note that said, don’t read this at work, wait till you get home. I briefly looked at the book, immediately struck by the fanciful cover and title that made me, surprisingly, smile.


When I read the book when I got home I cried and laughed at the same time. Priscilla was indeed my forever cat. And if you doubt there is a connection with our animal children, after they are gone, don’t!  Every Christmas since I lost Priscilla, she returns, under the Christmas tree, where she makes one of the ornaments on the lowest branch, tinkle and move, letting me know she is there and making sure I am ok.


I have 2 new cat children to share my life, Abbie and Bailey and they happily share the space under the Christmas tree with Priscilla for a short time each holiday season.”


Joyce Henson

Gizmo“When Gizmo came into my life I just knew he was special, and as each day passed I realized that we shared a bond that is not explainable by any known means. It is as if we have known each other before in some previous life. And then when I read For Every Dog An Angel I knew he had been sent into my life by some great power. When I almost lost him last year – those same powers were working again and he is still with me. I feel truly blessed to have this wonderful creature as part of my life.”


Ellen M

Reggie“When I received the book today, I went in my backyard and sat in my swing and read your beautiful book. I cried and cried some more, but finally my cry became a good cry for the first time. My family got another Yorkie for me, but I have had a hard time letting myself get close to him. I felt like I would be betraying my little angel, but your book let me realize it’s okay to have a new little puppy. My family has tried very hard in helping me but somehow it clicked today.  Meet Reggie the new puppy, asleep in my shoes. ”


Susan Nelson

Tizzy“I want you to know that I really enjoyed reading your book, “For Every Dog an Angel.” I sat down this past weekend and read it to my dog Boddie. He climbed up on the bed and curled up while I read it to him. In some sort of way I think he knew we were reading it in Tizzy’s honor. He has been a bit lost, just as I have been, without Tizzy around.


Your book brought me a sense of comfort as I read it, especially the page about the Rainbow Bridge connecting me to Tizzy by an angel.”


Heather Hogue

Linda and CiCi“I cannot tell you how much I love the book Old Dog and the Christmas Wish. Christine Davis did an excellent job adding just the right story line to the Christmas season. I’ll never look at a Nativity scene the same way.


Chris has such a wonderful, sensitive and warm-hearted approach to her writing. Maybe she could write a book about animal shelter dogs awaiting families to love and adopt them? I would be the very first person standing in line to buy the book!”


Linda Parker & CiCi


“A friend sent me a copy of For Every Dog An Angel when my dog died.  It was a comfort and expressed my feelings.  The author, Christine Davis, shows understanding, compassion and love of animals.


I now send her books to friends who are grieving for their dog or cat.  For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel are very special books.”


Ruth Phillips

Gus“I lost my Aussie suddenly and tragically on May 29,2006.  A dear friend sent me your book. I cried when I saw it but couldn’t read it right away. This evening, I took the book to Gus. He is buried on the hill above the house. I read the entire book to him. I had already told Gus many of the same things you had written, and there were other things I had felt but couldn’t put into words.


Reading to Gus will help me heal, and I know his angel is watching. I also know he is near when the chimes above his grave ring.  I felt him several times, and I just knew he was touching his nose to the chimes to let me know he was near. Thank you for writing your book and filling it with such beautiful illustrations.”


Melissa Ratkovich

Simon Teakettle the YoungerSimon Teakettle the Younger I received many cards and notes of condolence when I lost Simon Teakettle the Younger. This was a special cat, after whom my company and website are named, who contributed articles to magazines, co-authored a book with me, and was mentioned in the media. He even appeared on Animal Planet. But no card, note or message meant more to me than receiving For Every Cat an Angel. Christine’s inspiring text and delicate illustrations touched me deeply, and even brought a smile when I saw the black cat sitting on top of the computer monitor: Simon looking out at me from the page! Send this little book to everyone you know who has a cat now, has lost a cat in the past, or would like to have a cat in the future.Barbara Florio Graham, Simon

Teakettle Ink


“When I received the book “For Every Dog An Angel” I cried and cried.

It is the most touching and beautiful book about loving and losing a dog

I have ever read.”


Sherry Graffagnino

“I lost my BEST Forever Dog of all time, Buster Brown. When a dog dies, we as a society do not have a protocol on how to support the person grieving their Forever Dog.

I’ve found that your book truly bridges that gap for us. Your book has made such a difference in my life. Thank you so much for making it available to the world.”


Molly Norfleet

“I was so moved by The Shelter Dog book (you must have stock in a tissue company!) My first dog, Mandy, was a shelter dog and our relationship spawned my passion for rescue work. I see her eyes in so many dogs I rescue ( I’m sure you’ve heard that from others and know what I mean yourself) that tears poured out when I pictured myself as the old woman in the story. Your books touch the inner heart…thanks for writing them!!!”


~Michele Girault

Friends of Pets.org

Lassie Lu“Someone sent me a copy of your book For Every Dog an Angel. I lost my beloved collie Lassie Lu on Nov 2 and the book was sent to me with a sympathy card from a dear friend. Lassie Lu was my forever dog. We did pet therapy visits together and every vacation I took had to be with her along. She was so very dear and I miss her so terribly much. Your book was a comfort. Thank you so much.”


Dorothy Meyers

“For Every Dog an Angel” was sent to me by my best friend when our beloved Bichon, Snuggle, had to be put down. I felt as though you wrote the book especially for me.  The term “Forever Dog” was such a perfect description of our Snuggle.  Your words gave her life, our relationship and her passing such beautiful meaning.

I keep several copies of “For Every Dog An Angel” on hand and send it to friends when they have to say goodbye to their “Forever Dogs”. Your book was truly a Godsend when we could not find any comfort or explanation from anyone else.”


Sue Geller


“My vet sent me your book two days after Cinnamon passed.  I can’t tell you how comforting it was to read.

My sadness and heavy heart got a little lighter.  I didn’t think any words would be able to ease my grief and sorrow, but yours did.”


D. Hebert


“As Founder of the Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group, I responded to a request for a copy of “For Every Dog an Angel” by a bereaved pet owner attending our support group meeting.  I also ordered a copy of “For Every Cat an Angel”.  As a person who had lost a beloved cat (Smokey was the reason this group was founded), I started reading “For Every Cat an Angel” first.  As I read Christine’s description of “forever cat”,my eyes filled with tears as I have always called Smokey my “forever cat”.  It was as if Christine had read my mind, had taken those words and put them into such a beautiful and uplifting little book for everyone of all ages, who has ever loved a pet!

At each meeting, I now make a point of suggesting that each person, especially the recently bereaved, read these beautifully illustrated and wonderfully comforting and inspirational books. Thank you, Christine, for writing these precious books that give so many, so much hope!”


Terry Hickey

Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group


Remi“Christine Davis’ books, For Every Cat an Angel and For Every Dog an Angel are “must reads” for anyone who’s ever lost a special friend.  In my work with Southern CA. Siamese Rescue, I constantly meet people who are mourning the loss of a beloved cat and I always refer them to Christine’s site.  I read her book For Every Dog an Angel frequently to deal with the loss of my “soul dog”,Remi.  Each time I do, I find comfort in its words.  The people I refer to her site tell me that they find the same comfort.

I can’t recommend these books highly enough.”
Kari Winters


Changing animals’ lives through writing

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I was to “stumble” across For Every Dog an Angel two years ago after the tragic drowning of my dog Freddy.  The book was and continues to be such a huge comfort—just thinking about it as I write this brings tears.


I wrote a special letter to Freddy inside the front cover and I feel the book is a special connection to him.  Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book.”


Alison Atwater

“When my forever kitty Eca died, a friend gave me “For Every Cat an Angel.” Brokenhearted, I read this magical little book again and again.


The angelic wisdom guiding this book revealed a continuing story which eased the raw grief I was feeling. Chris Davis knew my wound and I knew a kindred spirit. For Every Cat (and Dog) an Angel is the story behind life and beyond death and I give it to all my friends. And oh yes!, now I have Thunder – a gift from Eca beyond my wildest dreams. ”


Bob Schnabel

“Finally a book that every human can relate to after the loss of a favorite furry friend. Christine’s book “For Every Cat An Angel” truly comforted me after the loss of my first cat, Jasmine.


When I close my eyes, I see Jasmine plain as day and I know that the angel is connecting us with her loving bridge.”


Dena Wiesman

“I was given a copy of “For Every Dog and Angel” by a good friend of mine about two weeks after I lost the light of my life, Charlie Bear.I always referred to him as my doggy soul mate and after reading your book, I now refer to him as my forever dog.

Your book captures in the most simple yet elegant manner that unique bond we are sometimes blessed with involving a very special other friend for life and as such is the perfect gift for a variety of occassions, be they joyous ( new companion); tinged with sorrow in losing a faithful friend or just as a wonderful reminder to a fellow dog or cat lover of the unique and special places they have in our hearts and lives!.”


Barbara Wilson &  Charlie Bear

“Lest you think you have lost your friend forever, please read about your forever dog or cat. A wonderful comfort and an inspiration to those who are grieving a lost pet. Can you open your heart to another pet after loss?

Spend five of the most comforting minutes of your life and learn about your forever creature and his or her vote in this process. A rare book which touches the unspoken sorrow of those who have lost a great friend and gives hope for peace and a future which still includes loving a pet.”


Mike Emrick (and by proxy, Joyce, loverpup Liberty Anne,
and circus dog wannabe Poochie Dan)

“I have read your book several times. Each time, my soul absorbs something new and feels renewed. I remember one night… I was crying uncontrollably over the loss of my beautiful Petey whom I miss terribly.

I picked up your book, read it, and was able to calm myself enough to sleep. The words are so meaningful. In addition, the beautiful illustrations and vibrant, uplifting colors you use all work so perfectly together. This is a book that can get you through one more moment, and then another.”


Meows, barks, purrs, licks and hugs,
Fran Baumgartner and her gang”

“It was just the “purfect” book in a very tough time and it helped and touched me more than you will ever know. The pictures, the words, the whole concept is as wonderful for a new cat owner as for a long time cat owner and their special companion. But to me, it was written for me and my Kenzo.

Thank you to Ms. Davis for writing such a touching and wonderful book.”


In memory of my handsome boy, Kenzo.
Michele Melick

As a Cool resident and pet advocate plus an avid reader,I would like to tell you all about “For Every Dog An Angel” and “For Every Cat An Angel”. As for me I lean towards the Angel Kitty book because I am a Cool Cat and a columnist in a monthly local tabloid in and around Cool, CA.

My Mom discovered the Angel Dog book while reading an article in Pets, A Part of the Family magazine. Mom has shared the Angel Dog book with friends and family as well as pet owners she has met who have lost a beloved dog or have adopted a new puppy. Once she wrote the Angel Cat book that became an even more popular and requested book as I have lots and lots of followers of my column and many kitty friends along with their human Moms and Dads.

These books make you cry, give you comfort,make you smile, help you heal and are definitely inspiring. Don’t miss the opportunity of adding these beautiful books to your pet book collections.


Timmy, the Tiger

Several years ago I received a copy of “For Every Dog an Angel” in memory of Daphne, my 14 year old Bulldog who I adored. The book was so comforting in helping me deal with her loss even though I had to read it through many tears. As Secretary of Buddies thru Bullies (a Florida based English Bulldog rescue group) I thought the “Angel” book would be perfect to send to our members when they sadly had to say goodbye to one of their Bulldogs and needed help with their grief.

In September of 1998 I contacted Chris and our first order was placed. Since then I have sent out over 180 “Angel” packages consisting of the”Angel” book, a copy of the Rainbow Bridge and a pet sympathy card and note. All the books are inscribed “In Loving Memory of _____from all your friends at Buddies thru Bullies”. The response has been overwhelming and I wish I could share all the special notes, cards, calls, etc. I have gotten from those who got the package telling me what the book meant to them in dealing with their loss. I know what they mean as I still can’t read it without tears – it is a very, very special book.


Judy Ditfurth
Buddies thru Bullies

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful book. My forever dog “Thor” passed away one year ago today, July 3, 2003. I was gut wrenchingly heartbroken. My veterinarian knew how much my beloved friend meant to me and immediately sent your book to me and my husband. I wanted to tell you that it is a wonderful healing tool.

Thank you for your soulful insight to those of us that have special places in our hearts for our furry friends. I always knew “All dogs go to Heaven”, now I know how they get there.”


Debbie Randall

“This is one of the best books I’ve ever read about the loving bond between dogs and people.”


Cat Ellis

“I just wanted to let you know that we are still reading the beautiful book by Christine Davis.

It has helped us so much to get through some of these difficult days, especially for Frank – Molly was always with him.”

Tucky Sancibrian



“I have already given 3 copies as gifts. Your books are so comforting and delightful!”


Kathy Gunderson

“I love For Every Dog (Cat) an Angel and have had copies sent to various family members as well as my clients (I have a pet care business). Your web site has made it so easy to order a signed copy and have it delivered within a few days.

I know your book has touched the hearts of many a grieving pet owner. Thank you! I will continue to recommend your books as well as give them as gifts.”


Cecilia Izzo