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foreverForever Paws

Forever Paws is the magical companion book to our titles For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel. Our newest book of comfort for those who are coping with the loss of a pet focuses on what happens when the time comes to say goodbye to our treasured animal friends.

Forever Paws takes the reader on a gentle and hopeful journey. Using heartfelt words and joyful illustrations, the author shows us what happens to the tears we cry when we lose a beloved critter, and helps us to know for certain that even though our four-legged friends are no longer by our side, they are never far away.

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Author: Christine Davis
ISBN: 978-0-09659225-5-5
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Size: 6.75 x 5.25.



Sample Pages

Lighthearted Press and Chris Davis this sample page is from the book Forever Paws

“Remember,” the young one is told, “your glowing paws celebrate the shining spirit within you, but only you can see their brilliance.They will take you on grand adventures, and lead you to new friends, but their true purpose is to guide you to the person who would welcome you home. Should you find the one who is meant to hold your gentle heart, the gift of the paws will keep you connected always and forever.”


Lighthearted Press and Chris Davis this sample page is from the book Forever Paws

“Each evening, just at sunset, the animals gather at the bridge to drink from the river of tears, for all of the sadness has been left behind and only the love remains.”

Behind the Story

forevercatIt came out of nowhere. One moment the author’s dear cat, Dickens, was happily by her side, and the next he was gone, lost to a cancer that no one knew he had until his last few hours on earth. Chris had barely caught her breath when she learned that his sister, her beloved forever cat, Pippen, also had cancer. Pippen left her life a few days later, just before Christmas 2010.

“Remember what you are feeling,” the author heard. “There’s another book to be written.”

She heard those words over and over again, but her heart was so heavy the thought of writing anything seemed like a major undertaking. As 2011 rolled around, Chris was tempted to crawl into bed and not emerge until 2012.

foreverblackcatBut Dickens and Pippen had other plans! Uplifting, vibrant glimpses into their new and wondrous world began to come to the author. Despite her broken heart, she couldn’t ignore the feeling that her kitties wanted her to share these visions with other animal lovers. Pippen was particularly insistent. “Pay attention!” she meowed. Chris was absolutely certain it was Pippen’s paw that whacked her on the side of the head a time or two! So she surrendered, and allowed the feelings of love and joy to find a place in her heart. A sense of peace came over her. Words and illustrations flowed effortlessly, bringing to life a world she could now see so clearly. And out of all that love, Forever Paws was born

From the Author

Author Chris Davis“I offer this little book for any animal lover who is missing a much-loved furry companion. I hope you will be comforted by the vibrant colors and joyful critters – that’s what Dickens and Pippen showed me! On those days when you’re feeling lost, and the tears won’t end, remember a gift has been left on your heart that will one day light your way back to the four-legged friend who loves you.” – Chris Davis



“Davis weaves a magical tale, driven by her colorful illustrations, about the bond between humans and our beloved animal companions. The book’s message is simple enough for children, but adults can easily embrace the hopeful message – and embrace their own inner child in the process. It’s sure to provide sweet solace for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved pet.”

~Monique Balas, The Oregonian


“I love this precious book! Christine Davis’ books are spectacular! They make the most special gifts for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion. She is truly an angel and her books and artwork are heaven sent!”

~Connie Bowen, author/illustrator of “I Believe in Me” and “I Create My World”


“Everyone who has ever read Christine Davis’ other pet loss books, For Every Dog an Angel and For Every Cat an Angel, has known there could never be another pet loss book to equal it. With Forever Paws, Davis has done exactly that. Only she could have created the perfect gift book for all ages to lend comfort on the loss of a pet, to let us know that they will always be with us and there for us when we are together again with our beloved companions.”

~ Darlene Arden, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, author “The Complete Cat’s Meow”