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The Shelter Dog by Christine Davis and Lighthearted PressThe Shelter Dog

Hero was having a perfect day, flying through the heavens with the other angel dogs. Perfect, that is, until he asked the Shelter Angel, who watches over all the animals that are up for adoption, if he could go back to earth and become a shelter dog. After all, he thought, what could be better than having a very special person choose you – out of all the other dogs – to come home and live with them?

As Hero is about to find out, things don’t always turn out the way you plan. Sometimes they turn out better!

Filled with beautiful illustrations, this simple book tells the story of an angel dog who comes back to earth to experience the joy of being adopted. But will anyone be able to see how extraordinary this old shelter dog, with the wobbly back leg, really is?

Come join Hero on his journey home.

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Author: Christine Davis
ISBN: 978-0-09659225-4-8
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Size: 8 x 6.4.



Sample Pages

Lighthearted Press Book pages from Shelter Dog

Hero was having a perfect day, flying through the heavens with the other angel dogs. They soared above the clouds and around the stars, stopping whenever a field of soft grass or brilliant flowers beckoned to them. Then they would drift down and float among the petals, sharing stories of the lives they had lived when they had been dogs on earth.

Lighthearted Press Book pages from Shelter Dog

It wasn’t long before the doors opened and visitors began walking through the shelter. Hero stood by the gate, anxious to meet the person who would want to adopt him. But people looked briefly at his old face, and the back leg dragging behind, and kept on walking.

Behind the Story

Jake the inspiration for the Shelter Dog one of Lighthearted Press and Christine Davis's famous booksFor author Christine Davis, writing a book about a shelter dog was inevitable.

“One of the happiest days of my life,” she says, “was the day I found my dog, Jake, at the local animal shelter. He proved what dog lovers everywhere already know – that dogs are wondrous beings, made from love, fur and a little bit of angel!

Jake now flies through the heavens, while Hero romps happily through the pages of my book. Both of these joyous creatures inspired me with their soaring spirits and hopeful hearts. It is to them, and to all the loving critters waiting in animal shelters for their forever families to find them, that I dedicate this book.

And to all the special people who care for animals in need – a heartfelt thank you! Whether you work alone, or with shelters or rescue groups, you are truly angels.”

Be a hero– open your heart and home to a shelter animal.

From the Author

Author Chris Davis“I will never forget the day I found my dog, Jake, at the local animal shelter. Where will he sleep the paperwork asked? Anywhere he wants to I quickly wrote down. So Jake took his place on my bed, and in my heart. He joined me at countless events and signings over the years, which always left a smile on the faces of the animal lovers who stopped by to meet us. Jake’s magnificent spirit runs through the pages of each of my books. May he always watch over me.” – Chris Davis



“The Shelter Dog is a wonderful story that will benefit many, and perhaps encourage giving ‘less than perfect’ shelter animals a chance. The illustrations were breathtaking and you captured his emotions so perfectly. As a former shelter worker I could truly relate to Hero and as a current Humane Educator I appreciate the value in his story. I saw many dogs just like him and I applaud you for creating this book to share with others.”

~Katenna Jones, Humane Educator – American Humane


“The Shelter Dog book brought me to tears. It is a beautiful and touching book and is my dream for all of our animals.”

~Taylor Slemmer, Humane Educator, Young-Williams Animal Center


“This book proves that every dog has a perfect human somewhere, and when they find each other it is the most joyous moment imaginable. Davis illustrates her book with magical, whimsical drawings that bring the reader right to the heart of the story. This is a true-to-life fairy story for adults and older children. The Shelter Dog is a terrific gift for any animal lover, especially anyone who has adopted a dog or who loves an older dog.”

~Deborah Wood, The Oregonian


“I was so moved by The Shelter Dog book (you must have stock in a tissue company!) My first dog, Mandy, was a shelter dog and our relationship spawned my passion for rescue work. I see her eyes in so many dogs I rescue (I’m sure you’ve heard that from others and know what I mean yourself) that tears poured out when I pictured myself as the old woman in the story. Your books touch the inner heart…thanks for writing them!!!”

~Michele Girault, Friends of Pets